Mustika Ratu Counter (Concept)

Mustika Ratu Counter (Concept)

Others | 2016

Alt 1A
Modernized Traditional Design

  • Modernized design through form and material, with decorative traditional details (sido wirasat pattern)
  • Implementing traditional philosophy with crown & pedestal detail in modernized column design
  • Longer counter table in the front area, to simplify product display look and create larger circulation space

Alt 1B
Alt 2A
Traditionalized Modern Design

  • Modernized royal heritage with a touch of glamour look achieved by gold lasercut detailing and reflective materials
  • An exclusive column design covered with gold wirasat pattern to capture potential buyers attention from afar
  • Light counter table with mirror to decrease the heavy effect of the table

Alt 3A

“Dynamic Collaboration in a Modern Identity“

The design application of Open Space in a commercial office, supports activities and interactions in order to provide effectiveness in work The Company Logo becomes the basic inspiration for interior elements, with a playful combination of bright colors and bold lines The application of wood texture materials and gold accents reflects the identity of a Modern office.